Build an effective job market with us!

If your aim is to:

  • influence the legal environment of the industry and the standards of HR services in Poland
  • strengthen your company’s position
  • develop the competence of your employees
  • have access to the latest market information

Polish HR Forum is the organization for you!

We support companies in building business in a manner that is in line with the existing legal framework and best characteristics of the market.

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What will joining the Polish HR Forum help you with?

  • Impact on setting quality standards for the provision of HR services in Poland
  • Impact on the legal environment of the HR sector in Poland and Europe
  • Best experts support
  • Access to the latest employment market data in Poland and in the world
  • Strengthening the image and market position of your company
  • Access to a specialized training offer
  • Participation in prestigious industry projects
  • Exchange knowledge and experience with other member companies
  • Knowledge of international regulations
  • Access to model contracts and procedures

Who can become a member of the Polish HR Forum?

A member of the Polish HR Forum may be an employer who is an employment agency, providing external employment services, in particular, temporary employment services, job placement, personal counselling, vocational counselling; or employer providing other HR services.

What is the procedure for joining?

    1. Contact the Polish HR Forum to find out how will joining the organization benefit you.
    2. Submit the required documents:
    • Declaration of the Management Board of the Company concerning joining the Polish HR Forum
    • Extract from the register / KRS
    • List of court cases filed with the applicant since the beginning of his employment as an employment agency
    • Certificate of timely payment of personal income tax and social security contributions before the date of signing the declaration.
    1. Make an appointment with the Board of the Polish HR Forum through our office to obtain their support.
  • Declaration of membership

  • Membership proposal